THE UST Central Seminary tapped the Varsitarian to give lectures for its Annual Journalism Seminar last June 24 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex Auditorium.

Varsitarian editor in chief Cliff Harvey Venzon gave a lecture on news writing; former Varsitarian chief editor Anthony Andrew Divinagracia and artist Carlo Patricio Franco gave a seminar on editorial and features writing and layout design, respectively, while Faculty of Arts and Letters professor Eros Atalia delivered a talk on literary writing during parallel workshops.

Former Varsitarian editor in chief National Artist F. Sionil Jose and current publications adviser Joselito Zuleta delivered speeches on writing in the Philippine contemporary setting and press ethics, respectively.

This year’s seminar coincided with the 25th anniversary of Inter Nos and 75th anniversary of Benavides, both publications of the UST Central Seminary.

Writers and editors from different college journals and publications in the University joined the seminar.

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