Caceres Archbishop Leonardo Legaspi, O.P., the first Filipino rector of the University, bows his head in earnest prayer. Photo by JAIME T. CAMPOSUST WOULD not have been what it is today without the accomplishments of its illustrious roster of alumni, Caceres Archbishop Leonardo Legaspi, O.P., reminded Thomasians in the Neo-centennial Thanksgiving Mass last Jan. 25 at Plaza Mayor.

“The quality of lives and experiences of our deceased alumni place each and every one of us in debt,” said Legaspi, the first Filipino rector of the University, in the Mass dedicated to Thomasians who passed away.

Legaspi told the Thomasian congregation to “look up” to the Tria Haec of the Main Building, especially now that there are many “Catholics in high positions” who confuse others by throwing out the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of marriage and life.

“The Tria Haec symbolizes the foundation of the Thomasian faith: hope, faith, and love,” he said. “We must lead the truth in freedom and love.”

Thomasians should be also inspired by the extraordinary life and faith of Blessed John Paul II, Legaspi said, adding that the well-loved Pope—who visited the Pontifical University twice—connects us to the “love of the Lord, [which] unlocks the spirit [to] whatever is true, honorable, just, and gracious.”

Legaspi also said Thomasians should be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ, and welcome Him with warm arms. “Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, reveals the truth to us. So we must open the doors [for Him], not just crack it open,” he said. Brylle B. Tabora

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