STUDENTS from the faculties of Arts and Letters (Artlets) and Pharmacy are struggling financially in their quest to present their researches abroad.

Eighteen fresh graduates of Journalism are planning to attend the 21st Annual Conference of the Asian Media Information and Communication Center (AMIC) in Malaysia but are still having a hard time seeking funds.

Artlets Dean Michael Anthony Vasco has endorsed them to the Artlets Alumni Office, saying the dean’s office can only accommodate current students.

“Before you support a student, it is necessary [for him] to be enrolled [in the University],” Vasco said in an interview. “We do support paper presentations of students if there is actual enrollment but if [the student is] already a graduate, we endorse him to the alumni office for support.”

Artlets professor Felicidad Pereña, founding board member of the Artlets Alumni Association, said the group is not yet into research grants for alumni.

“There are only lectures and scholarships but we plan to include research grants as priority projects of the faculty, which our alumni can support to keep the college robust in the years to come,” she said in a separate interview.

AMIC is a Singapore-based non-government organization promoting growth of media and communication proficiency in Asia. The annual conference will be held from July 11 to 14.

Meanwhile, some 40 incoming fifth year Clinical Pharmacy students will present their researches at the 12th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) in Hong Kong from July 6 to 10 out of their own pockets.

“We will shoulder all the expenses, but we’re going to send a letter to the dean’s office asking them at least for any kind of financial help,” said Clinical Pharmacy student Ryan Justin Raynes.

UST third in Medtech boards

Pharmacy Assistant Dean Ma. Elena Manansala said the college will still check the cost of the trip.

“Maybe we can give [money] for the registration fee, then allot a budget that will be divided among the participants,” Manansala said.

The ACCP will showcase papers discussing developments in clinical pharmacy in Asia such as the availability of new drugs.

Vietnam tie-up

Meanwhile, 16 delegates from the UST Research Cluster for Culture, Education, and Social Issues (RCCESI) and Artlets presented their research papers at the Vietnam National University from April 10 to 13.

The paper presentation, which discussed climate change and migration, signals a tie-up between UST and Vietnam’s largest and most distinguished university.

“The important aspect here is that we presented the papers to show that we have the capability to do research,” said RCCESI Director Alvin Ang.

The tie-up will enable the exchange of students, faculty members and scholastic resources, as well as research collaborations between the two universities.

Ang said creating ties with an Asian country that shares the same values and culture with the Philippines is better than establishing links with western universities.

“We have the same way of thinking, history, so it’s easier when it comes to collaboration,” he said. Cez Mariela Teresa G. Verzosa with reports from R. D. Madrid


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