Screen grab from Leny TL on Twitter (@LenyTL)

12 December 2012, 7:53 p.m. – THE HASHTAG #NoToRHBill made it to the list of top trending topics on Twitter this afternoon as netizens took to social media to air their views on the controversial “reproductive health” (RH) bill.

Anti-RH Twitter users called on lawmakers to reject the measure, which seeks billions of pesos in taxpayers’ money for a national contraception and sterilization program, ahead of a scheduled vote at the House of Representatives.

Twitter users also sought prayers from Pope Benedict XVI, who began tweeting at noontime in Rome using the handle @Pontifex.

Maureen Causing (@maureencausing) tweeted: “Honestly, I wouldn’t want my future children to grow up in a country with a contraceptive mentality. #NoToRHBill”

“Addressing poverty lies not in preventing poor children from being born but in ensuring equitable distribution of wealth. #NOTORHBILL,” said Amira Siring (@mherxox).

Anthony James Perez (@KnightOfYore) tweeted that the RH Bill promotes the “culture of death” and asked to the Pope to pray for the country.

“@Pontifex pray for us here in the Philippines as we battle the culture of death in the form of the RH bill. #NoToRHBill!” Perez tweeted.

Meanwhile, Lafayette Lim (@yetilim) said the RH bill could lead to an increase in teenage pregnancies.

“What has RH done to other countries? Increase in teenaged pregnancies due to contraceptive failure. Learn from their experience. #NoToRhBill,” Lim tweeted. Rodolfo Serafin Jerome T. Lozada


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