THE UNIVERSITY now requires a petition from students before offering summer classes for back subjects.

Under Article 9 Section 7 of the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) signed by the University administration and the UST Faculty Union, summer courses due to student deficiencies will only be offered if students file a petition.

Also, a faculty member will not be allowed to teach a summer petition class if majority of the students failed the course under him or her in the last two semesters.

Starting next academic year, the summer term will be known as the third term, as a result of the shift in academic calendar that moved the summer term to June to July.

English Language Studies junior Joey Huab, who signed up for a statistics summer class at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, said the new arrangement gave students the chance to take the classes they had failed under a different professor.

"I would rather take [my subjects] during the semester and become an irregular student because it is more expensive and time consuming to take classes during the summer," Huab told the Varsitarian. "[But] the provision is important so as to give the students a chance to be handled by a different professor with a different teaching style."Gena Myrtle P. Terre

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