BEING part of the official publication of the University undoubtedly gave me a lot of opportunities and experiences to expand my knowledge and explore my capabilities.

In my two years at the Varsitarian, I have not only improved myself in countless ways, I was also was able to explore my art style, and give myself a unique trademark.

I still remember the time when I took the qualifying exam for the “V.” I was frightened and at that moment, clutching tightly on my art materials. As a Fine Arts student, the thought of joining one of the University’s most prestigious organizations, composed of top student writers, was intimidating, to say the least.

It was a completely new atmosphere and, quite frankly, a very daunting prospect.

For that moment, I doubted myself. Will I pass the test? Will I make good friends if I will be accepted? Will I be able to adjust to the intimidating new environment?

But when I was finally accepted, I instantly felt the warmth of the incumbent staffers as they warmly welcomed us, the newcomers. Days, months and even years went by and I did not almost realize that I have already developed a strong bond with my colleagues.

Now, I can only ask myself, what was I so afraid about when I first entered the V?

Sure, there were times when I compared myself others, when I was unsatisfied with my work, when I questioned my reasons for doing things in the first place, but there was always one thing that kept me from giving up, and that was my passion for art and my love for the publication.

If I did not try, if I was overpowered by my fear, I might have lost the chance to become a part of the V and become a better version of myself.

I could never be more grateful than ever to the V for letting me discover myself and go beyond what was expected of me. I enjoyed doing my work as an artist because I was able to share my craft with the Thomasian community. The Varsitarian has been the main outlet for my ideas and creative juices.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my advisers who have been there to guide us through the years, my co-artists who were there to fill in for my duties during my absence, and my co-staffers, past and present, who have given me a feeling of worth and belongingness.

Indeed, it is more than enough to have been welcomed into a legacy of pride and tradition and to be honored with a position that is so privileged, yet I was blessed with so much more—a place that I can call home and people who I can confidently call a family.

The years may have been fleeting, but the impact my experience in the V will remain with me forever.

Everything that I went through in the V had shaped me into the person I am today—passionate, capable and ready to face the “outside” world.

With this in mind, I take one last glance at the trials and triumphs, the sleepless nights, the irreplaceable lessons, the friendships, the tears that were shed and everything else, and bid farewell with gratitude and a promise of a greater future ahead.

Lastly, I thank UST and my fellow Thomasians for supporting the ‘V,’ and wish all my co-graduates the best. Now, I will always know, that there is nothing to fear because my beloved University and the V taught me how to be strong.


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