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Tag: 2001

Exposing the cancer

The Varsitarian looks back to the events that have cast a pall on the future of ROTC.

16 December 1999

The Varsitarian publishes a Special Reports article titled “In the Line of Fire,” which details anomalies and irregularities in the ROTC.

December 2000

From an artist’s lineage

AT SEVEN months old, he already held paint brushes. At three, he started drawing. And, at six, he had his first one-man painting exhibit.

For 17-year-old Eleazar Abraham Luna Orobia, the manifestations of his talent in painting came too early. This teenager has in his name seven one-man shows and 37 group exhibitions. He has joined his father and other respected artists like Racuya Albida, Ben Cabrera, Jose Joya, and Al Perez in group exhibitions.