Monday, July 15, 2024

Tag: 2003

Pedagogy of the just

IF PRACTICING what you preach is hard, why not try preaching what you practice? This is how lawyer and professor Augusto Aligada has done for almost 40 years now. Who else can master teaching Civil Law than he who spent almost his entire life as a vanguard and mentor of justice?


WAS IT an alibi or just plain laziness?

Last March 21, I applied for a certificate of candidacy for graduation (CCG) at the Registrar’s Office (RO). I needed the certificate for application in a Manila law school.

After filling out an application form, clearing my accounts at the Accounting division, and then paying the necessary fees for the certification, I lined up at the Arts and Letters (Artlets) window (window no. 5) at the RO to return my application.

A cooperation of the few

SOMETHING is brewing at the UST Cooperative canteen.

To most students, the “Coop”, as it is fondly called, serves as a food haven, where the hungry Thomasian gets his quail eggs, mojos, and tacos quick and cheap. To the tenants, the Cooperative Canteen is a source livelihood. But to the UST administration, the Coop present a big obstacle to its plan of turning the Cooperative building into a student center, to house student organizations.