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Police probing death of Med student electrocuted by live wire during flood

Sept. 20, 2014, Saturday (1:30 p.m.) -- Police are investigating the death of the Medicine student who was electrocuted by a live wire on España Boulevard on Friday amid flooding caused by storm "Mario."

Storm shuts down campus anew; live wire near gate kills Med student

Relentless rains caused by Tropical Storm “Mario” brought heavy flooding to UST and nearby areas, shutting down the campus and claiming the life of a second-year Medicine student.

Floodwaters--reaching up to chest-deep at Singian Drive in front of St. Martin de Porres Building which houses the College of Nursing, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery--forced the University administration to suspend classes on Friday (Sept. 19) and Saturday (Sept. 20).