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Tag: February 6, 2009

Thomasian signature in fashion

A RELATIVE scene stealer at President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s last State of the Nation Address was her fuchsia pink Filipiniana dress made of silk and pineapple fibers. It was crafted by one of the country’s top fashion designers, Thomasian Julius Caesar “JC” Buendia.

It took three weeks for this UST Interior Design alumnus to finish the gown. The fabric he used was produced in Misamis Oriental.

A harvest of culture and the arts

THE ANNUAL National Arts Month has been renamed the Philippine International Arts Festival in a bid to make the Philippines the center for arts and culture in Asia. Organized by the National Commission for Culture and Arts, this year’s festival, “Ani ng Sining,” promises to be colorful and memorable, with arts productions and events happening across the land.

A Thomasian’s to-do list before graduation

Some seniors may already be eager to leave the classroom to venture into the corporate world without realizing, perhaps, that this will be their final chance to enjoy the life of being a student.

“You will miss UST when you graduate. Six or seven months from now you will want to come back,” UST historian and alumni Jose Victor Torres said.

When dinosaurs ruled Manila

SET IN a state-of-the-art landscape and real-life environment, Dinos Alive World Tour Manila relived the dinosaur era as life-size dinosaurs were displayed last Nov. 28 to Jan. 11 at the Block 5 of SM Mall of Asia.

The exhibit covered 12,000 square meters (equivalent to 30 basketball courts), which featured realistic replicas of dinosaurs and other by-gone creatures. It aimed to provide the audience with a better understanding of the larger-than-life inhabitants of Earth during the prehistoric times.

TV’s dubious images of the Filipina

Eva Fonda: Too adult, too violent for TV

Students’ Choice of Soap Opera criterion:

A good dramatic show blends all the technical elements of television in order to depict realistically and critically the human condition, its struggles, its highs and lows. Christian dimensions are intrinsic in such a meaningful depiction. Therefore, between technical excellence and significant content, the latter should carry more weight.

Art explores the world of dreams

DREAMS and their reflection of reality—this is at the heart of Margaret Rodriguez’ exhibit,The Oneironaut, which means, “one who explores the world of dreams.”

Launched last Jan.11 at Tala Gallery on Tomas Morato Street, Quezon City, Oneironaut runs until the end of the month and features recent works of Rodriguez, a UST Fine Arts in Painting graduate of 2000. Oneironaut is her 3rd solo exhibit.

Is the Main Building toxic-resistant?

HAZARDOUS wastes threaten UST’s foremost landmark—the 81-year-old Main Building. But UST’s laboratory division and University officials say that the structure is safe.

Andrea Vargas, a faculty member from the Faculty of Pharmacy, has raised concerns over the way chemicals used in student experiments are disposed of.

Other roles of pharmacists stressed in UST congress

DESPITE the progress of drug development, the pharmacy profession should have the flexibility to uphold the major roles of pharmacists outside the drug world, a visiting Malaysian professor said during the 2nd Pharmaceutical Research Congress spearheaded by both the UST Faculty of Pharmacy and College of Science.

The Pinoy pig slayer

THE EBOLA Reston virus, which now threatens the local hog industry, is harmless to humans, for now.

The virus has struck hog farms and slaughter houses in the provinces of Bulacan, Pangasinan, and Nueva Ecija, and five people have tested positive for Ebola Reston antibodies.

The question is whether the virus has jumped to humans from pigs, and whether it was indeed transferred to pigs from monkeys.

Pagkatapos ng Bagyo

Umaambon na lamang,

sa lilim ng mga ulap,

tila espongha ang mga puno,

sagad sa hangganan

Ang mga patak ng ulan

ay sasalain ng mga dahon

marahil puro at pino na ito,

samakatwid ay dalisay.

Sila ay huli na,

Iwinasiwas ng hangin,

luntiang talulot,

sa luoy na sampaga.