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Tag: June 30, 2008

The silent killer

THE DEATH of actor Rodolfo “Rudy” Fernandez, who took up college units at UST, has brought to fore the unheard of fury of periampullary cancer, a rare tumor that grows in the gastrointestinal tract. With news of the actor’s death preoccupying national media, the question on the back of many minds is how exactly the unknown disease can kill.

Periampullary cancer occurs when a tumor grows around the ampulla of Vater, a duodenal duct which evolves from the meeting point of the pancreatic and bile ducts.

Unraveling UST fountain spectacle

The UST Quadricentennial Fountain, showing the University’s 400 years of excellence and “unending grace.” The fountain’s blueprint (right) shows the pipelines where water passes through. Photo by PAUL ALLYSON R. QUIAMBAOTWO YEARS after redefining the UST landscape, the Quadricentennial Square with its “interactive fountain” has become a popular campus hangout and a must-see for visitors.

Clearer vision in an instant

FOR PEOPLE with refractive problems like Cecilia Ramirez, 34, bringing eyesight back to perfect vision was blurry a decade ago, and options were limited to wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. But hope came with the discovery of Lasik treatment which revitalizes optimum vision in an instant.


Dibuho ni  Michelle Angelique E. CanoyGanito pala sa kolehiyo, unang araw pa lang, may assignment na. Katatapos pa lang magpakilala ng buong klase sa isa’t isa, pinagpapasa na kami ng aming propesor ng iginuhit naming dream house bilang Plate #1 para sa drafting class kinabukasan. Gusto raw niyang malaman kung mayroon kaming kakayahan sa pagguhit. Sa tingin ko naman, gusto niya lang kaming pahirapan sa pagkuha ng mataas na marka.

Payak na paglasap sa alaala at panlasa

BILANG bahagi ng kulturang Pilipino, espesyal ang turing ng mga Filpino sa pagkain lalung-lalo na kung may mahalagang okasyon. Ngunit sa mga panahong wala nang ipinagdiriwang, nauuwi na lamang ang pagtrato ni Juan dela Cruz sa pagkain bilang isang bagay na panawid-gutom sa kumakalam niyang sikmura. Hindi na pansin ang paraan ng paghahanda at kung anong partikular na putahe ang kanyang kakainin. Ang tanging mahalaga lamang ay makakain.

Erotica bared

EROTIC literature in the country seems not anymore underground; it is going mainstream through pocketsize novels now sold in major bookstores nationwide. Having seen how erotic literature has been widely accepted in the United States and other parts of the world, writing group LitErotika is promoting erotic writing, which would be a mix of erotica and “chick lit” (a literary genre aimed at young single women).


EROTIC literature depicts sexual love in more or less explicit detail, which gives rise to charges it’s really nothing but pornography.

But the genre’s apologists have argued that erotic literature also delves into the spiritual and intellectual dimesions of sexual relations.

And erotica merely show the sensuality that is intrinsic in literature’s chief medium, language or words.


SAMUEL is forced out of dreaming when his mother, pounding heavily on the door to his room, calls out his name.
“You’re going to be late,” she says.

He eats his breakfast with his father, who impales a sausage with a fork and waves it in the air as he tries to convince his only son to become a lawyer.
“That’s where the money is,” he insists.

Family Medicine

One family, one vocation. The Villanueva’s end each day by talking about their experiences in the hospital at the dinner table. From left, Rene, the family patriarch with daughter Irene, wife Susan, and son Paolo. Photo by Photos by L.A.C. Buenaventura and Akemi B. Aida

Driver Mang Nelson was in bad shape.