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They make ‘Darna’ fly

For the first time in Philippine television history, a primetime show snagged an audience share of a whopping 47.1 per cent overnight, according to a survey of AGB and Nielsen Media Research.

Mars Ravelo’s all-time hit Darna has finally landed on television, after almost 50 years of existence in print and films. But network giant GMA-7, would not have been able to achieve this feat without four Thomasians who work behind the camera, the scenes, and the fantasy that makes Darna the Filipino superheroine of all time.

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Gunning for a free press

Described as one of the freest in Asia, the Philippine press is also one of the “most dangerous” in the region, according to a recent New York-based group’s study. As of this month, almost 70 Filipino journalists have been killed since 1986, about half of whom were reported only after 2000. Although not all the incidents were work-related, the numbers are worrisome.

The power of the media is unparalleled. This power tends to be overemphasized and abused in the debate on how to stop the killings of journalists.