Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Presidential bets bicker on ‘#PiliPinas’ debates

THREE presidential debates served as forums for candidates to discuss their positions on pressing national issues. Given the personality-driven nature of Philippine politics, however,...

How far has PH gone under ‘Daang Matuwid’?

DID PRESIDENT Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III fulfill the promise of “Daang Matuwid”? Aquino, who was inaugurated as the 15th President of the Philippines in June...

What Thomasians expect from next administration

THE NATIONAL elections are nearing and it is up to more than 50 million Filipinos to choose who will lead the country for the next six years. What changes are Thomasians looking for? Here are some thoughts:

“I want poverty to be addressed. We have a lot of informal settlers. Everyone has been having a hard time getting what they need to buy. The government has been focusing on improving the economy but they don’t see the small changes that we can do. They keep thinking of the bigger picture when the minor details are not even polished. Why don’t we start small for a change?” — Denise Paglinaw (second year, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management)