Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tag: Vol. LXXIX No. 6

Student affairs chief laments low turnout in rights awereness week

FOR BEING nowhere during that one week in November dedicated to promoting students’ rights, leaders of student organizations got a mouthful from no less than the “ARSA” or Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs herself, Cristina Castro-Cabral.

At the twice-a-year dialogue called the “ARSA’s Hour,” Cabral used a 90-minute speech to take student leaders to task for the poor turnout during the much-hyped Student’s Rights and Welfare Week or STRAW, where only eight out of more than 170 accredited University-wide and college-based student organizations were represented.

Cabral also warned student organizations who have been conducting activities without approval, and even threatened to evict those who have not been taking care of their erstwhile spanking-new offices at the Tan Yan Kee Student Center.

Archi has new attendance checker

ATTENDANCE and punctuality are now “technological” musts at the College of Architecture.

To better monitor the daily time record of professors, the college has bought a state-of-the-art device called the biometric bundy system.

Professors now have to have their fingers scanned by the machine, which has a fingerprint database, to record their attendance.

“Before this system was (introduced), the attendance of the faculty members was checked by a staff that would go around the building and check each classroom,” Architecture Dean John Joseph Fernandez said. “And because (Beato Angelico) is an eight-storey building, by the time (the staffer reaches a classroom), half of the period has already passed. So you wouldn’t know who came in late and if the classes are already dismissed.”