Sunday, April 14, 2024

Tag: Vol. LXXX No. 4

Who cares about UST’s streets?

YOU KNOW España, Dapitan, Lacson, and P. Noval. But how well do you know streets inside UST?

Most of the time, Thomasians base their sense of direction on campus according to landmarks and buildings such as the Santisimo Rosario Church and the Main Building.

It’s probably reflective of the general Filipino attitude toward directions.

“It’s actually part of our culture because before the Spaniards came, the streets had no names for Filipinos to base their direction,” sociologist Precious Velasquez of the Philippine Association for Sociology of Religion explained.

The 19 streets in UST make up a large part of the University’s history graced by national heroes and other illustrious alumni.

V Graphics by Matthew Niel J. Hebrona. Illustration by Carlo Patricio P. Franco