Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Vilegas delivers his message for the Ambag 500 University-wide retreat on Wednesday.

LINGAYEN-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas urged Thomasians to allow the Lord to lead them when voting in the 2022 national polls, in his message for the Ambag 500 University-wide retreat on Wednesday.

“My request to all of you is to take the Lord with you when you vote,” Villegas said. “The Lord wants to vote through you. Take the Lord with you when you decide. Look for Him among the candidates.”

Villegas said Thomasians should listen to their conscience because “your conscience is the voice of God that tells you [what] is right and wrong.”

“When you vote, prove to everyone that the Lord has possessed you,” he said. “[I]t is not just that the Lord has taken you, but allow the Lord to rule over your life.”

He told Thomasians to analyze this year’s candidates before drawing conclusions and to use their God-given gifts of intelligence and reason together with their faith.

“Analyze [candidates] then come to fitting conclusions,” he said. “Don’t just say ‘basta.’ Don’t just say ‘respect my opinion.’ Don’t just say ‘this is my choice,’” he said.

“God has given you the gift of intelligence, reason and logic,” he added. “Use your reason to prove that you have taken the Lord, not only into your heart but even to your mind.”

Villegas has been vocal about the upcoming national elections.

He has called on priests to vote for candidates who do not misuse their power, and reminded them to always side with the truth as servants of God in his homilies.

Earlier this month, Villegas blessed and prayed over Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, a presidential candidate, during her Dagupan sortie.

The Lingayen bishop has also condemned the alleged graphic video of Robredo’s daughter, Aika, that circulated on social media over Holy Week and advised her to not be disturbed. 

“Let not the lies disturb you. The truth of your life of decency and humility and service and intelligence is known by all of us. Only liars will believe their own kind,” he said in a Facebook post.


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