Sister Milagros “Mila” Buenconsejo, a Carmelite nun who was a former member of the National Citizens Movement For Free Elections (Namfrel), rushed to EDSA in 1986 to help topple the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos Sr. (Photo from Carmelite Missionaries-PDO)

A CARMELITE nun who rushed to EDSA in 1986 to help topple the regime of Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is urging the nation to forgive but always speak out the truth as the Philippines marks the 37th anniversary of the People Power Revolution under the helm of the late dictator’s son.

Sister Milagros “Mila” Buenconsejo, a former member of the National Citizens Movement For Free Elections (Namfrel), told the Varsitarian that Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who won the presidency last year, must be given a chance to change and convert.

“[W]e pray for him. For the country, we, religious, try to speak up […] In speaking the truth, [we hope] the country will become better,” she added.

Buenconsejo, 65, recalled that during those fateful four days on EDSA, from Feb. 22 to 25, 1986, she felt the need to take a stand to defeat the Marcos dictatorship.

“[W]hen there was already that movement to really stand for what is the truth, and I was also together with the sisters and people, we discerned. And right there, we had to always stay in the chapels so we would pray,” she recalled. 

Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin’s call over Radyo Veritas on Feb. 22 for the people to assemble at EDSA sparked a revolution that turned out to be a “beautiful experience” for the nun.

“For three days, we were in the streets, and people were there helping each other. And I can see how people really made sacrifices for our country. We could never forget the experience,” she said.

Buenconsejo urged politicians to place God at the center of their service.

“I hope politics will not be the center [but] the will of God. Because if the root is power, then that would be difficult. We know, based on our history, that [if] it is greed [that prevails], our country will be destroyed,” the former leader of the Cebu Carmelites said. Ammiel B. Maestrado with reports from Justin Benedict T. Lim


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