What gift would you give your terror professor this Christmas?

“Rosary and prayers.”
– Vince Muñoz, Pharmacy senior, Faculty of Pharmacy

“Calming and age-defying pills.”
– Faye Enriquez, Nutrition and Dietetics junior, College of Education

“My drawing of his face with horns!”

– Caroline Jayne del Rosario, Advertising sophomore, College of Fine Arts and Design

“A book on anger management.”

– Edric Frey Cruz, Financial Management junior, College of Commerce

“An eraser, so he could erase and change my grades.”
– Paulo Pasiona, AMV College of Accountancy sophomore

“Five boxes of his favorite pizza.”

– Edree Estaura, Journalism junior, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“Our class picture, so that she may always remember us.”

– Arlene Hoseña, AMV College of Accountancy senior

“Something like her. Something horrible.”

– Angeline de Leon, Business Administration senior, College of Commerce

What gift would you give your favorite professors?

“Korean tea and kimchi”

– Jee-Su Sin & Jumi Kong, Conservatory of Music freshmen

“My own recipe of cookies and pastries”

– Mau Cristoria, Nutrition and Dietetics junior, College of Education

“I would treat him to a drinking session!”

– Mark Ezekiel Arce, Journalism junior, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“A letter of appreciation because he changed my life.”

– Daisy Mae Au, AMV College of Accountancy sophomore

“A mug with the label ‘World’s Greatest Professor’.”

– Edward Bien, Mechanical Engineering sophomore, Faculty of Engineering

“A shirt as cute as him.”

– Kathleen Tayo, Biology junior, College of Science

“A plane ticket to wherever he fancies.”

– Angeline Miguel, Psychology sophomore, College of Science

Mary held up as paragon of faith in La Naval

As a professor what gift would you give your students?

“ I give extra credit, no one gets a failing grade during the last day, and I give consideration for minor errors.”

– Raymond Anselmo, P.E. teacher, Institute of Physical Education and Athletics

“I would like to revive Juan Luna so that my students and I can spend some time and learn from him.”

– Eleazar Orobia, Painting Professor, College of Fine Arts and Design

“I would give them a book published by UST that incorporates all aspects of life.”

– John Jack Wigley, Literature Professor, College of Rehabilitation Sciences

“A better ‘me’ as a professor. I would treat them kindly, refrain from giving difficult tests—but only until the Christmas break ends.”

– Emelito Sarmago, English Professor, College of Commerce

“The virtue of diligence for them to study harder.”

– Milagros Dumawal, History Professor, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“A postponed short quiz–-which my students will take up immediately when classes resume.”

– Celso Nierra, Ethics Professor, Institute of Religion

“Genuine appreciation for every Thomasian student, faculty, non-faculty and administrator, for every good thing that we do.”

– Anita Garcia, Director, Student Welfare and Development Board

“As one wristwatch advertisement says, ‘The best gift this Christmas would be your time.’ If my schedule permits, an hour or two of extra discussion time will be a nice gift to my students.”

– James Domingo, Accounting Professor, AMV College of Accountancy

What gift would you give UST?

“I would hang a big lantern inside the Main Building for everyone to see.”

– Marlon Marca, photocopy service personnel, Tan Yan Kee building

Revisiting the CSC agenda

“The best gift that I could give is to dutifully do my job.”

– Rodrigo Salazar, Security Guard, Chapel parking area

“A true and solid leader who can stop the confusion in the University.”

– Lesly Ann C. Guevarra, treasuer, Student Organization Coordinating Council

“As long as I am connected with UST, I would give the excellent service every Thomasian deserves.”

– Ma. Cristina Castro-Cabral, Ph.D., Director, Office for Student Affairs

“A case of beer!”

– Mario Mostajo, janitor

“More Christmas lights.”

– Jacon Ibita, Buildings and Grounds maintenance man

“Cleaner bathrooms!”

– Kathrine Bernadette Apostol, College of Nursing junior

“New and more competent guards!”

– Jehnalyn Magracia, Advertising sophomore,
College of Fine Arts and Design


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