Showing diverse uses of pearls in necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, hair accessories, and even belts, Jewelmer, the French-Filipino company and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of South Sea pearls, presented the Ultimate Orient Jewelmer Collection in a fashion show at the Glorietta Activity Center last June 12.

The jewelry were used as accessories in the designs of Ignacio Loyola, Dennis Lustico and Jojie Lauren. Loyola used long and fluffy florals with heavy ruffles on the edges.

Lustico went fancy with silky, fitted, and mostly two-piece clothes matched with high heeled, pointed leather pumps and mules, and knee-high, comically colored striped socks.

Lauren designed conventional knee-length dresses, mostly in symmetrical necklines, flavored with very bright fabrics in red, green, yellow, pink, and violet.

The pearl accessories are well designed, even for daily wear. But the rich and very exotic pearl necklaces can weigh the wearer down.

A jazz ensemble directed by Manman Angsico and an admirable violin recital by Jay Cayuco accompanied the show. As an intermission, the Ballet Philippines performed an interpretative modern dance. Jhervy C. Nuez

Filipino magiliw sa panauhin pero rasista?


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