NOW ON its 28th year, Teatro Tomasino unveiled “Buy 1, Take 1,” a production that features two one-act plays, “Walang Kawala” and “Lipad, Narda, Lipad”. The twin-bill production will be directed by honorary Teatro members Tanya Alda and John Martin Gertes.

Gertes, who directed “Walang Kawala,” has worked in producing TV specials for different companies such as Cinemanila, Saga Events, and Velvet Rope Productions, and plays such as “Rama at Sita” and “Miss Saigon.” Meanwhile, Alda who directed “Lipad, Narda, Lipad,” has been involved in numerous theatrical productions such as “Back 2 Back,” “Doble” and, “June at Johnny,”

Unlike in the television series, “Lipad, Narda, Lipad” is not centered on the Philippine heroine. Rather, it is about a little girl who believes she is the Mars Ravelo creation. The play, which won third prize in the one-act play category of the Don Carlos Palanca Awards in 1996, focuses on woman empowerment.

Meanwhile, “Walang Kawala” by Rogelio Sicat is actually a translation of “No Exit,” written in 1944 by French existentialist Jean Paul Sartre. In Sicat’s adaptation, the play is about three absentees living in one room, which eventually lead them to the problem of dealing with one another.

“Buy 1, Take 1” was held at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium from September 26-29. B. P. Sales

Muntikang pagbigti sa Main Building


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