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ASIAN horror movies are on a roll. One would think the trend has already peaked and is on a downswing. For this year’s Eiga Sai film festival, the Japan Foundation’s chose to focus on less heralded classics. Horror movie fanatics used to more contemporary classics such as Ring seemed not to mind as they had the scream of their lives.

Classic thrillers

Love in a different light

THE LOVE theme may already be a cliché, but Indios Bravos, an offshoot of the Gintong Susi Art Organization, has proved that the stereotyped image of love can still be given a fresh face, with their debut exhibit at the Beato Angelico Gallery aptly titled Love, on display from August 9 to 20.

Devia-ting from the current art norms, Indios Bravos tackled a subject so common that painting about it is almost predictable and boring. However, on the bright and creative canvases, Love is portrayed in an innovative way, with a little help from the artists’ youthful zeal.

Journalism society launches essay tilt

TO UPHOLD journalistic excellence, the UST Journalism Society launched its annual Blue Quill Awards last Sept. 27.

This year’s theme, “Sawa ka na bang maging Pilipino?” challenges participants to reflect on their state as Filipinos.

Blue Quill has four categories: essay, photo essay, editorial cartoon, and documentary, which are all open to Thomasians enrolled for the school year 2005-2006.

Commerce hosts lecture tour

THE JUNIOR Chamber of Business Administrators of the College of Commerce (Commerce) held the Entrepreneurship Leadership Seminar Series Campus Tour 2005, “Leaders Unlimited,” at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center auditorium last Sept. 9.

“Self-discipline and personal sacrifice are requisites for success,” said Rolando Hortaleza, Splash Corporation chief executive officer and owner of Hortaleza Beauty Center. “Whatever success my company is achieving right now is ought for the Filipino people.”

UST: ‘Let nation move on’

THE UNIVERSITY hailed the refusal of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to join calls for the resignation or ouster of President Macapagal Arroyo after the House of Representatives voted to junk the impeachment complaint against her.

But UST officials said the search for truth should continue while allowing the nation to move on amid political distractions.

Haunting scribbles

TOP HORROR fictionist Stephen King says people’s appetite for terror is insatiable.

The tendency of people to turn to “unreal stories,” the scary details of which are easily forgotten afterwards, has contributed to the rise of horror media as an art form.

Network crash cripples ID system, internet connection

Thomasians will have to manage without the digital ID system and with limited Internet connection while the University network recovers from the breakdown of its eight-year-old processor switch.

To restore the connections, Santo Tomas e-Service Providers (Steps) will temporarily set up fiber optic lines directly from the main core located at the Data Center to the different buildings in the University. The installation of the lines will be finished in three to six months, Steps director Fr. Melchor Saria, O.P., told the Varsitarian.

Thomasians shine in board exams

THOMASIANS registered noteworthy performances in the Chemist (Chem), Medical Technologist (Med Tech), and Physician licensure examinations last August and September.

Hannah Charlene Vergara placed second in the Chem board exams, registering a 91.25 per cent mark, while Felicidad Christina Ramirez tied with two others at sixth with an 88.75 per cent score.

Faculty union sets up housing project

THE UST Faculty Union (USTFU) has entered into a joint venture with Ayala Land, Inc. and the Manila Jockey Club to develop a housing project for the Thomasian community.

According to USTFU president Dr. Gil Gamilla, the union first proposed the housing project in 1996. But since the University had been dealing with the defunct Faculty Association of the University of Santo Tomas and not the USTFU, the Union decided to ask help from outside entities to realize the project.

Martyrs’ statues demolished

The STATUES of San Lorenzo Ruiz and Dominican martyrs in front of the Central Library will no longer be around—for good.

To give way to the construction of the Student Center last August, University officials had the monuments taken down.

Vice-Rector for Finance Fr. Melchor Saria O.P., said the University permanently removed the statues because they were difficult to preserve.

“The statues were made up of steel frame patched up with cement,” he said. “It was not made to last for long.”