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Tag: September 30, 2005

The art of faith

FOR YEARS, nobody paid much attention to the intricately carved 17th century bas-relief of the image Our Lady of the Apocalypse hanging on the east nave of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Pasig City. Nobody knows the real story behind bas relief, but according to its oral history, it has traveled from Spain to other churches in Manila and finally landed in Pasig. The bas relief depicts the blessed lady standing in a prayerful litany above the crescent moon amid swirling clouds imposed on an aged molave panel like an old and forgotten memory.


IN BASKETBALL lingo, benchwarmers refer to rarely used players who only see action when the outcome of the game has been decided.

Sad to say, this has been the role of the other 13 other sports, aside from basketball (men’s basketball to be specific), that make up the wholesome University Athletics Association of the Philippines when it comes to television exposure from ABS-CBN’s Studio 23.

Since acquiring the rights to broadcast UAAP sporting events in 2000, Studio 23 has only lived up to the promise of airing a single sporting event.

Indirect contribution to graft

VANDALISM on the España Blvd. overpass near UST has never failed to catch my attention for one reason: repainting those parts of the overpass would again cost the government thousands of pesos which could have been used for more worthwhile projects.

But what’s really eye-catching is that the vandalism on the overpass was caused by the militant groups who are calling for the President to resign because of her alleged corruption.

Overcoming the writing trauma

WORKSHOPS cast a spell that dries up a writer’s well.

This spell is inevitable, especially for a beginning writer who is struggling to stay within the rules of creative writing. Creative writing may be somewhat about expression, but since it is deeply rooted in aesthetics and tradition, it has rules that a beginner is required to master. Indeed, only when he has mastered the rules does he earn the right to break them.

Magtanim ay ‘di biro

WHEN the Philippine Carabao Center announced earlier that it is in the process of developing a “super carabao” that’s more productive in terms of milk yield, a friend and fellow promdi balked and said more attention should instead be given to improving the lot of our farmers.

Teatro launches twin-bill production

NOW ON its 28th year, Teatro Tomasino unveiled “Buy 1, Take 1,” a production that features two one-act plays, “Walang Kawala” and “Lipad, Narda, Lipad”. The twin-bill production will be directed by honorary Teatro members Tanya Alda and John Martin Gertes.

Publishing House feted

FOR THE second consecutive year, the UST Publishing House (USTPH) was awarded Publisher of the Year by the Manila Critics Circle during the 24th National Book Awards last Sept. 4 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

“When you say ‘winner’, you are producing quality books,” USTPH Director Mecheline Manalastas told the Varsitarian. “We had six award recipients out of 11, the most number of award recipients among the publishers.”