WHAT’S in a kiss? It may be hard to imagine, but a kiss can mean cakes, pastries, and everything French.

Bizu Patisserie and Bistro got its name from the French word bisous, which means kiss. Owner and general manager Annabelle Tanco wanted pastries to remind diners of the sensual experience one gets from a kiss. She wanted the patisserie to have that feminine feel, a theme that echoes passion and life.

Even before Bizu was conceptualized and created in 2001, Tanco was already passionate about food. After taking culinary courses on different cuisines while on tour, Tanco dreamed of bringing the feel of European patisseries to the country. Her dream has developed into an artful selection of culinary delights.

Cakes, cakes, and more cakes

Although Bizu today has expanded into a full-scale restaurant (with breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner items), people have come to know it for its specialty—cakes. It has over 20 different kinds of cakes. Among the most-loved is the Fresh Mango Chiboust, a French-style cheesecake topped with fresh mango strips. And then there is the delightful Samba, the dance Tanco is crazy about. This rich, multi-layered chocolate cake remains to be a best seller. Beside the main offerings, new flavors have been added. For calorie-conscious delicacy lovers, Bizu’s sugarless cakes—Naomi and Sofia—are the right treats.

For summer are two cakes to refresh the senses—Limone, a sponge cake topped with a strawberry and raspberry combo, with tart calamansi mousse in between, and Minuet, a milk chocolate mousse made especially with the famous Valrhona chocolate and infused with peppermint oil. A touch of hazelnut bits top this truly refreshing blend.


Bizu also has a variety of pastries. Among the most popular is their Macaron de Paris, a meringue-like pastry with flavorful fillings that melt in the mouth. It comes in different colors representing its different flavors.

Besides the food

The patisserie makes use of violet and yellow hues (quite different from the usual color combos) to provide a “feminine feel.” All branches carry the same concept, exuding a light and relaxed ambience. Using ample lighting and decorative ornaments, Bizu achieves its European effect. And the service is not exactly poor, either.

Delectable cakes, appetizing pastries, and a breezy ambience—Bizu is a blend of all the right ingredients fit for anyone who wants to savor the best of French pastry. Although the pastry doesn’t come cheap, the undeniable contentment of the senses will prove your money’s worth.


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