MUSIC is a purely subjective experience. What may be music for one may not be for another.

The annual Himig Tomasino song festival manifested this principle when the contest’s results drew mixed reactions from its audience.

For many, the College of Science Glee Club is a deserving champion. From the moment they entered the stage garbed in simple costumes, til the time they took their bows, the group performed with effortless grace and perfection. They rendered the contest piece “Only Selfless Love” and their choice “Anak” with flawless pitch, rhythm, and harmony. Even during choreography changes, it is noticeable that sticking fairly close to one another is among their techniques to maintain unity of voice. But however laudable their singing technique may be, something was missing in their performance. They concentrated too much in delivering the song without mistake that they failed to feel it also.

Hands down, they were truly one of the best choirs in the competition. Majority of the audience unfortunately, was not moved by their performance. According to most of them, the group lacked physical and facial expression.

The Pharmacy Glee Club on the other hand, had that in abundance. As runner-up and People’s Choice Award winner, the group sang with overwhelming warmth and feeling, which could be seen in the way their bodies sway to the music. Added to that is their perfect start. Dressed in black, they launched into the first song with admirable skill and emotion and sustained it until the end of their choice number “Tao Rin Ako.” The depth of emotion they displayed however wasn’t enough to earn them a championship. Probably because they patterned their performance of the contest piece after its video which features Jamie Rivera. Also, some voices—particularly the soprano—stands out while some are too soft to hear. Because of this, their singing lacked fluidity and should be described as slightly erratic.


Meanwhile, the Faculty of Arts & Letters Chorale would have placed third had the organizers chosen to pick more winners. After winning second last year, AB was determined to become champion this year. Unfortunately, glitches in the technical aspect diminished their performance and affected their winning chances greatly.

The other two colleges who joined the competition were Engineering and Commerce.

Engineering, who was in tribal costume, performed “Circle of Life” from the Disney animation Lion King with innovative styles of blending animal sounds to the melody.

Meanwhile, Commerce began their performance with the entrance of a girl searching for her mother and screams when a group of hooded, chanting figures surround her. Shortly after, the girl disappears and the group begins to sing their song piece, also “Anak.”

In the individual category, six people from different colleges competed ¾ Melody Jane Pino of Pharmacy, Alex Andaya of Engineering, Jaime Adriano of Commerce, Ma. Theresa Ellaniel of AB, Ryojeane Zuniga of Education, Janina Singson of Nursing, and Johan T. Amater of Fine Arts and Design.

Amater placed first with his rendition of Brian McKnight’s popular ballad “One Last Cry.” He awed the audience by singing as good as the original artist. He mimicked McKnight’s smooth, polished voice and creative singing style.

Ellaniel meanwhile won second for singing “Mukha ng Buhay.” Characterized with stage presence, articulateness, and a beautiful voice, Ellaniel would have made it to the top if she’d managed to sustain her high notes.

Singson placed third by singing Christina Aguilera’s version of “Reflection” from another Disney film Mulan.

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