CALLING all certified kikays out there.

You can now stop salivating for that designer boutique that you have seen on the F Channel, or that shimmering make-up powder featured on the Lifestyle Network.

The Kikay Machine, a daily beauty magazine and lifestyle show that gives you everything you need to know about looking and feeling good is now here. This show is localized and formatted for Filipino women.

The show starts with “Kikay Matters,” where the host talks about the issues dealing on beauty products for women. It guides you on the proper time disposal and maintenance of your beauty gadgets.

And then it proceeds to “Out Shopping.” Not just an update on what’s hot and what’s not in bazaars, malls, bangketa, flea markets, and ukay-ukay, it is also a recap of the most usable accessories and clothes of all time, complete with tips on where one can buy it and for how much.

The Kikay Machine also has “Makeover Mission,” where they make even the most impossible makeovers by bringing the “patient” to the salon, for a new hairdo and radiant make-up and then into a boutique for an enchanting wardrobe. After that, she is then brought to the setting where her do is the most compatible.

The Kikay Machine, being a beauty show, won’t be complete without features on inspiring women in different fields. It features interviews of busy show-biz teenage girls, single corporate women, to once popular models that settled down and became plain housekeeping mothers.

The show ends with “Dive in Distress,” a portion which gives procedures for homemade spa and stress-therapy after a week’s work.

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Host Rissa Samson is put in her perfect place. She not only possess good personality, she is also a picture of a kikay with a well-balanced lifestyle.

This innovative show for every Filipina is in Juice TV which is aired on Zoe 11, on Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm and Home 42, Destiny 47, and Dream 16, everyday at 8am, 2pm, and 8pm. Jhervy C. Nuez


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