Reymond SajorTHIS Thomasian wonder is singing for a good cause.

Reymond Sajor draws on the power of songs in his one-night-only charity concert I’ll Be There… A World Vision Concert last June 27 at the Music Museum.

Organized by World Vision, an international organization dedicated to aiding impoverished children, the concert featured songs by Sajor, all meant to uplift the morale of the Filipino out-of-school youth.

“This organization made me realize that I can help these children, so I got on the stage and sang,” Sajor told the Varsitarian.

Sajor opened with his own rendition of the song “Bawat Bata,” which encompassed the objectives of World Vision to alleviate poverty.

Guest performers The Company outshone the main act with their famous a capella performance of various Filipino songs such as “Tong, tong, tong” and “Abuchikik” mixed with their notorious comical antics.

Sajor, however, won his audience back by a harmonic finale, which included select songs from his debut album Coming Home. Sajor capped off with “Anthem,” singing his heart out with the song which gained him recognition in Hollywood . His virtuoso performance in the final act showed more depth than what he achieved in the first part of the concert, earning him a much-deserved encore.

“This is my own way of sharing my blessings to the street children, for me to help them get the chance to have a better future,” Sajor said.

The funds collected from the concert will go to World Vision, to be used in line with the organization’s goals of aiding impoverished children.

Coming home

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His fervent singing and charitable interest came from three years of majoring Voice in UST. But after feeling limited in the Conservatory of Music, Sajor left without finishing his degree.

“It will take me some time to finish the degree before I could sing,” Sajor said.

“Besides, I don’t see myself singing the baroque and other classics,” he added, admitting that he was more into pop and Broadway tunes.

This, however, did not stop the young singer from making waves in the music scene. In 2005, Sajor sang his way to fame by starring in various musicals. The following year, he joined the ABC-5 talent show Philippine Idol and made it as a finalist.

Sajor got his biggest break in 2007 when he was proclaimed as the “Grand Champion Senior Vocalist” in the World Championships of Performing Arts held in Hollywood.

In his journey to singing stardom, he showed how talent can alter one’s lifestyle. From a Thomasian who felt restricted by his school environment, Sajor is now on his way to becoming a big singing sensation, a success he is eager to use for goodwill.


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