Photo by Isabela A. MartinezRAMON Orlina, Joe Datuin and Eduardo Castrillo showed their sculpting proficiency in glass, stainless steel and metal, respectively, in Tres, held at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City last October 25 to 31.

The exhibit, presented by the Atelier Alumni Association in collaboration with the College of Fine Arts and Design, Office for Alumni Relations and Reseach Cluster for Culture, Education and Social Issues, is the third of an exhibition series titled Artistang Tomasino Ako!, which revives the pride of the UST Alumni and students as a part of the countdown for the Quadricentennial celebration.

“The uniqueness of this event is the mere fact that we have gathered a powerhouse,” Johnny Hubilla, president of Atelier Alumni Relations, proudly remarked.

Orlina, an architect turned sculptor, presented his works in light-filled blocks of glass.

“Michael’s Martial Arts-09” is made of amber crystal, it heightens the sense of masculinity through strong edges and fluency of brownish lucidity. On the other hand, “Caraballo Highlands,” is a lime green crystal carved as flourishing vegetation.

“Glass has one unique quality of transparency that allows the play of light such as absorption, reflection and prism effects that make the sculpture have a fourth dimension,” Orlina said.

Joe Datuin is an Advertising Arts alumnus and 2008 Beijing Olympics Sports and Art Contest Champion. He is also known as the “Picasso incarnate,” because of his brilliance on canvas and stainless steel.

“I chose steel because it is a Zen belief that glaze removes negative energy,” Datuin said.

His “Chandelier” and “Ripples” are molded into numerous steel rings amassing into sophisticated arranged configurations. On the contrary, “Las Piñas” and “Homage to Burj Dubai Skycraper” digresses from the circular route with the combination of vertical stack of stainless steel tubes.

Another tragedy

Being a monument maker, jewelry designer, sculptor of all medium and also an Advertising alumnus, Eduardo Castrillo is a rare package of ingenuity.

“Abstract is a statement on a particular theme,” he explained as a summary of his works.

An avian creature is shown in his work, “Flight.” It defies from the ground of typicality in a metal structure with soft-edged curves of brown and gold shades. “Union,” a bizarre hand crafted brass and Philippine Mahogany sculpture, complements an antique depiction of harmony. Lastly, a hammer-out silver metal work, “Tribute to Botong,” share the artist’s zeal to depict history just like the country’s foremost muralist Carlos V. Francisco.

Tres is the third installment of Artistang Tomasino Ako! It previously showcased Triptik: Jane Arrieta-Ebarle, Mario Parial, Oliver Rabara, and The Colors of Amor Lamarroza.


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