ARCHITECTS who have turned to the visual arts and have made a name in the field is the focus of the exhibit, Architect Artists.

The exhibit, which runs from until April 2, feature eight architect-artists led by National Artist Victorio Edades, the founder of the school of fine arts in UST, and UST Architecture alumni Roberto Chabet and Agustin Goy.

Edades’ “Moro Lass” portrays a young girl in Muslim costume. His “Lady in Red” is a bright painting of a woman wearing a red Chinese costume.

His landscape painting, “Montalban Woods,” is an interplay of soft colors, while “Market Scene” evokes the chaos of a market place by contrasting the dark foreground with the bright background.

Works of Chabet, founding director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Museum and the founder of the annual CCP 13 Artists Awards, are along his trademark conceptual style.

His “Series #2” and “Bag Series” are both mixed-media artworks consisting of a vertical strip of paper where doodle-like figures are drawn with a black marker pen and colored with ashen pastel. The papers are each margined by black paper or board and mounted on an elevated metal frame.

Meanwhile, Chabet’s “Window” is an oil-on-canvas painting which deceptively looks like a collage of black and off-white paper assembled to create an image of frosted panes with black frames.

Goy is represented by an architectural plan of a house in Quezon City and “Late Afternoon,” a watercolor-on-paper landscape painting of a small nipa hut surrounded by trees painted in vivid colors.

The architectural plan is of his residence and is reminiscent of a Holland house because of its rigidly rectangular walls with brick details and a perfectly triangular roof. The plan even has a chimney.

Filipino muna

In the ‘60s, Goy was a neighbor of Vicente Manansala in San Francisco del Monte, where they painted landscapes. Maria Joanna Angela D. Cruz


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