CONTEMPORARY artist Costantino Zicarelli pays tribute to rock music in his latest exhibit, As White As Moonlight, As White As Bone, As Dark As the Snake, As Dark As the Throne, which features “bits and pieces” of artistically arranged paintings and installations, evoking the ambiance of rock concerts. The exhibit is running at the Silverlens Gallery in Makati City up to June 1.

“Burned Out (broken structure)” serves as the centerpiece of the exhibit. Made of burned wood placed over a mirror, the piece recalls the practice of setting up bonfires during rock concerts.

Behind the artwork hangs “Burned Out (broken ritual),” three graphite-on-paper paintings of bonfires which complement the centerpiece.

Symbols such as “White Spirit,” a neon light piece shaped like a snake based on a Metallica album cover, are aplenty.

Realistically rendered decapitated ram heads are also featured in “The Beautiful Afterlife” and “Until the Light Takes Us (three).”

Meanwhile, portraits of three men with their long hair draped over their faces are featured in “Master of the Universe.”

Zicarelli, born on Sept. 15, 1984, finished Advertising in the University in 2005. He has held exhibitions in the country and abroad. Zicarelli was named one of Thirteen Artists awardees last October, along with fellow alumnus Mark Salvatus. JOHN JOSEPH G. BASIJAN

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