THE PROCESS of change inspires Kadin Tiu who portrays landscapes in monochromatic hues and subtle textures in Folds upon Folds, Layers upon Layers staged at Blanc Gallery, Katipunan from January 11 to February 1.

“Painting has become my medium to understand the changes undergoing within me, as an artist and as a person,” Tiu said. “One cannot stop learning unless he or she stops any action altogether.”

The seven oil-on-canvas paintings portray landscapes in shades of blue and violet routed with grey; the lines are delicate, soft curves similar to the appearance of fabrics.

“Summit” depicts mountains of various heights with the texture of folded fabrics, almost like an unkempt blanket. The darkest shade of grey is painted at the bottom, gradually lightening as it reaches the top of the canvas with a hint of lavender.

Bigger layers of curves are seen in “Passage,” with its portrayal of the same mountains; except in this one, the spaces between them appear to be larger.

Meanwhile, distorted layers of soft curves intertwine like the big waves of the ocean in “Monocline,” which has the same gradient hues of grey.

A three-part painting or a triptych is made as the “Divided Terrain” placed in between of “Segment I & II,” creating an image of two pillars of layers enclosing a bicolored fold of curves, resembling the tentacles of sea anemones.

Distinct among the rest is “Substructure I & II,” a diptych or a two-part painting of connecting mountains painted with finer lines than the rest, striped with solid colors of grey.

Tiu graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008. Despite being a registered nurse, she has been painting since she was a small child.



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