UNCONVENTIONAL but tasteful Christmas decor by Interior Design students enlivened the holiday spirit at the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences last Dec. 3-18.

Third-year students from the College of Fine Arts and Design recreated Christmas accessories in “Objects: Re-imagined Christmas Accessories,” into a visual art application of new techniques and innovation from simple materials.

“We came up with an all-white avant-garde theme, which is very in right now and complements our concept of making the exhibit (a showcase of simplicity,” said Justin Co, student head of the exhibit in an interview with the Varsitarian. “The materials we used are simple and light and we transformed it into something minimalistic but still beautiful and elegant.”

Now on its eighth year, participating students created a snow-colored walk-in art wonderland through their depictions of Christmas scenes and ornaments.

Bordered by tall Christmas trees, the exhibit is neatly festooned with compressed hanging balls, small wreaths and snowflakes on the side along with scattered line sculpture portrayals of reindeer. In the center is a figurine of the infant Jesus from the Nativity. Circular ornaments, which were mostly 3-D pieces in white, designed in varying intricate cut-outs or made in knitted fabric and lace materials gave the exhibit a simple yet sophisticated look.

Eventhough the artworks and installations were all white, all came out beautifully in fading hues of magenta, blue, and yellow, through the reflection of light projectors.

A venue for appreciation of Thomasian cultural heritage since 1871, the UST Museum has been staging yearly Christmas exhibits with Interior Design students to collaborate with the University’s efforts of celebrating Christmas-themed activities such as the Christmas Concert Gala and Paskuhan.

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