UNCONVENTIONAL materials and seemingly unfinished artistic concepts characterized four installations of Thomasian artist Constantino Zicarelli in his latest solo exhibit, Prelude to a Billion Years, which ran from Sept. 8 until Oct. 8 at Art Informal Gallery in Mandaluyong City.

Unusual materials such as wood cornices and mirrors were used along the line of accelerationism, an art technique that meld technological capitalism and social change.

“The architectural space mattered to me,” Zicarelli told the Varsitarian. “I was inspired by abandoned buildings, left-over materials from construction sites, as well as films, music and comic books which helped me mount this exhibit.”

A collection of varnished wood cornices dominated one corner of the gallery. Originally supposed to be a geometric sculpture, the piece was not completed due to time constraints, the installation rather featured a pile of wood cornices and unfinished angular figures.

In this unfinished work, Zicarelli put more importance on conceptual art, the process of creating it is more elevated rather than its finished product. He embraced the beauty of unfinished art to let the viewers develop a kind of taste which offers them the enticing sense of mystery.

“Although a total mess as I was not able to achieve my concept, it made my show look stronger and way more interesting,” Zicarelli said.

Zicarelli painted gothic patterns, similar to the common style of wallpapers, on an acrylic silkscreen printed on five irregular-shaped canvases of about eight-feet tall. This triptych artwork was installed in an inclining position.

He was influenced by Fernando Amorsolo’s “Macra Demonio” in illustrating the wallpaper. He considered this artwork as a refreshing art to the audience solely because he reunited with using canvas after almost six years.

Displayed in the center of the exhibit is an installation of three mirrors designed with intersecting asymmetrical vinyl stickers, making it appear like a broken glass.

A graduate of Advertising Arts, Zicarelli is known as one of the recipients of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13 Artists Awards in 2012.


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