Thomasian artists showcase everyday realities in ‘Extraordinaire.’ (Photo by Nadine Anne M. Deang/The Varsitarian)

THOMASIAN artists interpreted everyday realities amid their artistic differences in “Extraordinaire,” which opened last Aug. 12 at Power Plant Mall in Makati.

Juvenal Sanso incorporated abstract designs in “With Passionate Exuberance,” a 9.5 x 12.5 in. acrylic on paper that mend- ed orange and blue hues.

Sanso also illustrated a green bush with orange flowers in the acrylic on pa- per “Flourishing in Prosperity.”

Ramon Orlina carved “Passion of Love,” a clear optical glass sculpture of two human figures embracing each other.

Painting graduate Milmar Onal’s metallic canvas piece “Silent Sky” depicts a floating city amid sunset.

Paano kung sobrang dami nang tao dito sa mundo? Makapag-create na ba talaga ng city sa sky? `Yung at peace ka at lumulutang? `Yung calmness nanduon, `yung parang walang problema—Silent sky,” Onal said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

Abstractionist Raul Isidro showcased his works “Holyyweek STI2011” and “Late Afternoon,” acrylic on canvas works influenced by his childhood memories.

“Most of my works are from the past, memories of my childhood days,” he said. “Those were the days when we had nothing but nature to appreciate.”

Fine arts alumnus Angelito Antonio depicted farmers in their daily routines on charcoal and paper in his pieces titled “Playful Sign,” “Fruits,” and “Dynamics.”

Painter Dominic Rubio, known for his 19th century Filipiniana-themed works, created a brass sculpture of a man clad in barong tagalog and golden specs in “Honorable Man.”

National Artist for Visual Arts Abdulmari Imao’s “Sarimanok Series,” a brass on wood sculpture, features a gleam- ing Sarimanok or mythical bird perched on clashingwaves.

The exhibit included 12 other artists, such as: Richard Amirado, Richard Buxani, Ombok Villamor, Benjie Mallari, Marge Organo, Ram Mallari, Perfecto Palero Jr., Averil Paras, Aner Sebastian, Toym Imao, Wilbert Custodio and Nap Limaten.

“Extraordinaire” ran until Aug. 18. with reports from Charm Ryanne C. Magpali and Camille Abielle H. Torres


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