A THOMASIAN intercollegiate dance team landed second place among 11 competitors in the annual dance competition “Body Wars,” held last March 8 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater in Ateneo de Manila.

UST Ronins, a dance group formed in 2018, is composed of some alumni members of UST Galvanize, the official UST Senior High School dance troupe.

Their triumph served as a redemption of sorts from last year’s competition, where they landed fourth place.

UST Ronins used urban choreography, accompanied by Korean girl group Twice’s hit song “Fancy.”

Their performance garnered an average score of 83.50. The winning team, Company of Ateneo Dancers, scored 84.10.

A total of three Thomasian dance groups, including Juvenile dance crew and Royals, participated in the event.

“We dedicate our winning to our former teammates,” Akihiro Marutani, captain of the UST Ronins, said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

“We wanted to win the contest so that we can prove to ourselves that we deserve to be in the team.”

Body Wars is an annual dance competition hosted by the Bedan Dance Troupe.


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