The Dominican Studentate of the Dominican Province of the Philippines premiered its first Christmas ID on Dec. 15. 

A song titled “Magniningning Pa Rin Ang Mga Tala Ngayong Pasko” represented the Studentate’s virtual commemoration of Christ’s birth. 

It was written and performed by The Joyful Friars, the preaching band of the Dominican Studentate.

This is the main reason for our celebration of Christmas every year,” Bro. Rocky Niño L. Manire, O.P., lyricist of the group, told the Varsitarian.

The group usually sent Christmas greeting cards to different communities, relatives, friends and benefactors during the Christmas season, but because of the restraints of the lockdown, members decided to produce a Christmas song instead.

“This Christmas song serves as our token of appreciation for all those who continuously support us in our ministries,” Manire said.

Manire said he wanted to “encapsulate the richness of Filipino Christmas traditions of Memories, Hope, Love and Faith.”

The song went through constant modifications and rearrangements before it was released.

The final demo of the song was sent to their Dominican brothers in the province, who expressed delight and appreciation for the song.

The song aimed to serve as a reminder of the real gift of God to mankind, Jesus Christ, Manire said.

Magniningning Pa Rin Ang Mga Tala Ngayong Pasko” can be streamed via Youtube. A.N.C. Cruz 


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