A MARKETING senior stepped out of his comfort zone and ventured into digital art NFT (non-fungible token) in his first solo exhibit “001,” which ran from Oct. 20 to 23 at the Stockroom in Makati.  

NFTs are digital assets that use blockchain technology to establish authenticity on any digital file. 

Melvin Dave Jordan said the exhibit’s theme revolved around his experiences during his transition to adulthood.

“[I was] exposed to work early, nasa gitna [ako] ng adulthood saka ng pagiging teenager. Yung masasayang part [like partying, drinking], saka adulthood, nasa gitna [ako],” Jordan told the Varsitartian.

Starting from scratch, the freelance photographer used his savings to mount his exhibit. 

“Usually dilemma ng artist, nahihirapan sila sa pag-embrace ng title na ‘yun kasi feel nila di nila deserve yun,” Jordan said. “This is me telling the world [that] I’m an artist.”

Among his artworks was “Card 007: 2018,” a photograph of a tree found in the University.

“Card 006,” a distorted photo taken from the UST Senior High School graduation ball, was also included in the collection. 

Centerpiece “Selling your Soul,” meanwhile, is a 38.2 x 48 in. digital self-portrait. With peso signs covering his eyes, Jordan said the artwork depicts emotional labor. 

“‘Yung ginagawa ko yung pieces, siya ‘yung perfectly na nag-dedescribe ng exhibit eh…Ako na nag-try pa mag-enjoy, kahit galing sa shoot kaya nakatulog sa Island,” Jordan said. 

With yellow bricks as background, “Unexpected Places” is a 30 x40 in. digital art that tells the audience how life is filled with experiences. 

According to Jordan, the University was one of his biggest inspirations in mounting the exhibit.

“Sobrang diverse ng UST kaya ‘yung experiences ko diverse din. For me, UST ‘yung middleground ng lahat,” he said. 


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