A Thomasian’s commitment to mold student leaders


EVEN at age 69, Henry Tenedero is nowhere near retiring in molding better student leaders.
Tenedero became active in several University-wide organizations at the height of Martial Law in the country.

“I entered the University in 1976 where I became active in student organizations, the highlight of which was when I became the Student Organizations Coordinating Council (SOCC) President,” he said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

Currently, Tenedero is a go to speaker and trainer of the SOCC and the Central Student Council

He founded the Junior Catholic Education Association of the Philippines which was composed of student leaders of Catholic Education Association of the Philippines member schools during his term as SOCC president in 1981.

One of his fondest college memory was when he delivered the “Message of the Youth” during St. John Paul II’s first apostolic visit in the University in 1981.

“I was under strict instruvtion not to go near the Pope for security reasons but after delivering my speech, he motioned for me to come near him,” he said. “My intention was only to kiss his hands but he gently pulled and hugged me.”

It was a very touching moment in his life that he cherishes until now, specially since the Pope is now a saint. That same moment became one of the Varsitarian’s banner photos which earned the moniker, “Henry kissed the Pope.”

Promoting education beyond academics

Tenedero also founded a global education advocacy called “Beyond Curriculum: Lead, Teach and Learn,” which aims to champion a holistic and well-rounded education beyond the four walls of the classroom.

“Our mission is to value the different learning styles, intelligences and most specially, the importance of emotional intelligence in what we do,” he said

Their advocacy extends not just so schools and learning institutions, but also to local government units.

“If you are empowered to know that your constituents have [multiple] intelligences, then you can draw academic and non-academic plans that will enhance them,” Tenedero said.

Continuous service to the University

Even up to this date, Tenedero is still actively affiliated with the University, currently serving as the executive director of UST Alumni Association and as the president of the Thomasian Alumni Leaders Association (Tala).

For Tenedero, serving the Thomasian community is a way of giving back to the University.

“I will still serve the Thomasian community while I am still physically, mentally and emotionally capable because it gives me happiness.”


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