CA alumna converts her love for board games into business


THIS CAFÉ on Matalino Street in Central Diliman, Quezon City is the perfect getaway for board game fans.

The House of Geek is co-owned by Communication Arts alumna Jennifer Garcia. It offers a wide-array of board and card games like the popular Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, SushiGo, and Love Letters.

The idea for a board game cafe began after a night of playing Dungeons and Dragons, a role-playing game. It could be turned into a business, she said.

“When we opened the business, we just started getting more and more board games but the older ones are really ours,” she told the Varsitarian.

The walls of the cafe are painted grey and are decorated with framed sci-fi film posters. It also has an industrial interior with exposed, suspended ceilings.

The cafe has two wooden shelves that house their collection of board games.

One of the more popular board games is Avalon, a tabletop game composed of five or more players where they must accomplish at least three out of five.

There’s also Miniatures, where the players assemble and paint metal figures then engage in a game resembling Carcassonne, a tile-based German-style board game where the miniature painted figures are called ‘meeples’ and move according to the number indicated by the dice rolled.

The cafe specializes in waffle sandwiches.

Their version of the chicken sandwich is a chicken dressed with honey mustard then accompanied with cucumber, lettuce and tomato. For their beverage, their beer shake is their best-seller and is made from the combination of beer and milkshake.

Soon they plan to create and promote a board gamer community and expand even more their collection of board games.


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