Siene Bueno with a sample of her maternity wear line. Photo courtesy of Siene Bueno.

In a society where breastfeeding in public is still frowned upon, a young entrepreneur from UST has found ways to lessen the discomfort among mothers.

Siene Bueno, 32, runs Kaypee Baby, an online store selling fashionable yet affordable maternity wear, kid’s clothing, cloth diapers, toys and other baby items.

“We want to make mothers look and feel beautiful,” she told the Varsitarian. “We want [them] to be confident to nurse anywhere and anytime.”

Making mothers “look beautiful” after giving birth was a motivation for Bueno, a fulltime mom to a 2-year-old boy.

But this new career as a “mompreneur” was a departure for what she actually trained for.
Bueno is a board-certified electronics and communication engineer. She found an office job after graduating at UST in 2006.

But she realized she wanted do something else, encouraged by breastfeeding seminars she had attended.

Bueno now leads the design and creative team for her online store. Items are made a talented group of local dressmakers.

Among the company’s more popular products are “twinie” clothes, a set of same-looking apparel for mommies and babies.

Bueno later wants to reach customers abroad.


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