Sole VP candidate seeks to improve student safety and security


WITH A platform aimed at ensuring the students’ safety and security, biochemistry junior Victor Amores runs is running unopposed for the vice-presidential seat in the Central Student Council (CSC) Executive Board.

The former Faculty of Pharmacy Student Council secretary is eyeing to revive the Sampaloc-UST Neighborhood Watch or SUN Watch, a watchdog group formed in 2013 that checks prevent crimes in the Sampaloc district, to improve safety and security in and around the campus.

Amores said he was concerned over the safety of the students who go out at night to study in co-working establishments around UST as reports of theft and harassments have become prevalent in social media.

“It is really important that the students remain safe and secured even outside the University [and] that is why I’m focusing on it in my campaign,” Amores said.

His other platforms are the “Centralized Grievance System,” a grievance process in coordination with local student councils, and the “Comprehensive and Inclusive Approach to Health,” a health and wellness project which would provide activities where in the students could “take a step back from stress.”

His activities will include occupational wellness and environmental wellness programs.


Running unopposed for the vice-presidential post in the CSC Executive Board is a “greater challenge,” Amores said, since it would need more effort to prove himself worthy of the students’ trust.

“Some may think that I should not worry anymore because I am running unopposed, but I beg to differ. [It] is a greater challenge because I would have to exert a lot of effort to prove to the Thomasian community that I am worthy of their trust and that I am worth voting for,” he said.

Amores believes his stints as former Pharmacy student council secretary and public relations officer have given him enough experience to become a vice president.

“I have learned to work well with others without compromising the integrity of my principles [and] I know that working in the CSC means being adaptable, not only to situations, but more importantly to the people working with and around you,” he said.


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