IT RUNS in the family.

Three Thomasian siblings made the rounds on social media after their father’s Facebook post showcased their consistent top finishes in the physician licensure examinations (PLE).

Peralta siblings Ana Bianca Eloise, Ana Eryka Elaine and Federico IV all clinched spots in the top 10 of their respective PLEs.

Federico Peralta IV, the youngest, topped the September 2019 licensure exams for physicians with a score of 90.92 percent.

The eldest, Ana Bianca Eloise, ranked sixth in the 2015 PLE with an 89.17-percent score, while Ana Eryka Elaine clinched the fifth spot in the 2017 exams with an 89.67-percent score.

Federico IV said his sisters’ high rankings in their respective exams motivated him continue the feat.

“My family has always been my inspiration and source of strength to overcome everything. I’m also doing this for my future patients,” Federico told the Varsitarian.

Federico IV added that he used his love for video games and anime as motivations during his review.

“I bought new games to motivate myself to push through. I did not play them [until I was done] with my review,” he said.

Aside from being an aspiring surgeon, the youngest Peralta wants to teach in a review center as a way of giving back.

According to their father’s post, Ana Bianca Eloise is training to become a medical oncologist, and Ana Eryka Elaine, an OB-GYN oncologist.

Raised by parents who are both doctors, the siblings graduated with doctor of medicine degrees from the University in 2014, 2016 and 2018. The sisters were magna cum laude graduates while the youngest finished summa cum laude.


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