Thomasian eng’g topnotcher: ‘I did not take a single course lightly’


RAISED by parents who are both engineers, Neil Kenneth Mendoza was inspired to embark on his own engineering career.

Mendoza finished his electronics engineering degree in the University early this year, graduating with magna cum laude honors.

Maria Lourdes, his mother, said Neil Kenneth wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a mechanical engineer.

“It’s very evident that he has an interest in it, but I told him to take [electronics engineering] because I believe he can adapt to the engineering trends,” Maria Lourdes told the Varsitarian.

Mendoza said he made it a point to get high grades in all subjects, not just in professional courses.

“I did not take a single course in college lightly…I believe that building a strong foundation eventually pays off. In my case, it paid off in my graduation and board exam,” he told the Varsitarian.

Mendoza bested 4,699 examinees in the electronics engineering exams with a 92-percent score. He also topped the exams for electronics technicians with a score of 94 percent, surpassing 3,604 other examinees.

“There were [a lot of] sacrifices to be made; most of the time I only had 3 hours of sleep… I even broke down because of mental and physical fatigue,” he added.

Aside from giving back to his parents and his community, Mendoza said he plans to work for an electronics company and pursue postgraduate studies.


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