ON HIS 25th year in the animation industry, Luis del Carmen considers joining the animation crew for the Disney animated film Frozen 2 one of his biggest feats.

Frozen 2, the sequel to the 2013 box-office hit about a snow queen and her sister’s magical adventure, recently set the record for the highest-grossing weekend in US Thanksgiving history, raking in $123.7 million.

Del Carmen, a 1985 commercial arts graduate, said he worked with the best in the animation field for Frozen 2.

“What people don’t know is how intense and painstaking the process of crafting a true, crowd-pleasing musical is. Seeing the [animation] process first-hand and at the highest levels at Walt Disney Animation Studios was such a unique experience which I’ll carry with me for a long time,” he told the Varsitarian.

Aside from Frozen 2, del Carmen also worked on Oscar-award winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the two installments of Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda and iconic 90s animated series Rugrats.

Del Carmen said his brothers, Ronnie and Rick, who have also made their marks in the animation industry, were a big part of his artistic journey.

“We share a common [artistic] language. And even today we remain bonded by our shared pursuit of imagining things that are bigger than us,” he said.

Del Carmen said he took rejection constructively and used it to improve his craft.

“The challenges will always be there. The question is whether you will rise above those challenges,” he stated.

“Imagination, having big dreams and the determination to realize them is at the core of what drives me. My aim always is to share my imagination with the world and even at very young age growing up in Cavite City I pined for the opportunity to create from things I conjured in my head.”

Frozen 2 has made $450 million worldwide as of this story’s posting.


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