(Photo from Rafiela Yanong's Twitter account)

A PLEASANT surprise greeted a group of nursing students on Valentine’s Day, generating buzz around social media.

The social media post has garnered 137,000 likes and 28,000 retweets, as of this story’s posting.

Joshua Tanchuling said the surprise was meant to show their “genuine love and support” for their blockmates.

“[We wanted to] remind them that we truly appreciate and care for them, not only as our classmates, but as our family as well,” Tanchuling told the Varsitarian.

“Valentine’s Day is not just about the day itself or about doing romantic things for the people you love. Its grasp extends to even the most common things we do in life–from our everyday mishaps to helping out each other review for our examinations,” he added.

During their lunch break, the girls of 2NUR-8 entered their classroom to find heart-shaped balloons with personalized name-cards on their desks.

“We are thankful to be with such respectful, caring and of course, sweet blockmates,” Mary Marjo Torremoro said.


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