(Art by Zymon M. Gailo/The Varsitarian)

Remember how cool Bruce Wayne looked in his motorcycle in the latest Batman film? A Thomasian artist made all that happen.

For digital character artist Ryan Serrano, working on Bruce Wayne’s digital double in the 2022 superhero film “The Batman” was a dream come true.

“As a Batman fan since I was a kid, it was a huge honor to be part of this film alongside some of the best [visual effects] artists in the world,” Serrano said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

The 33-year-old advertising arts alumnus specializes in character modeling, specifically, creating digital doubles, creatures and wardrobe for New Zealand-based digital visual effects company Weta Digital.

Besides working on Batman’s biker double, he also worked on the digital doubles of background characters in one of the night club fight scenes of the film.

“I told [Weta Digital] my forte is doing characters, and then during that time they needed an artist to help in the Batman team to work on a bunch of character digital doubles, so they took me into the team,” he said.

Back in his college years, Serrano also did preliminary character models for GMA teleseryes such as “Encantadia,” “Atlantika” and “Zorro.”

But his first superhero film credit was 2017’s “Power Rangers.” He has since gone on to work on several Hollywood films including “I Am Mother,” “The Wandering Earth,” “Pacific Rim Uprising,” “Men in Black International,” “Bloodshot” and Disney’s live-action “Mulan.”

Serrano graduated from UST in 2011. He is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand.


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