Illustration by KARLA MIDES C. TOLEDOAN ALIEN kidnapped us. The strange two-footed creature took us from our home and brought us to a crowded room enclosed in steel bars. Inside were other victims of the hostage taker, and looked just as perplexed as we did.

It took me and my siblings away from our mother, though I admit that I couldn’t remember much about her. Neither my brothers nor sisters who were both born on the same day I was.

We were brought to a small room which contained a small and foul-smelling bed, but that was the least of my concerns.

But this alien was unusually kind to us. It pretty much took care of our every need. Although being bathed and fed by the alien felt weird at first, it was actually pleasant. As time went by, my siblings and I started to get used to the idea of being locked up, mainly because we had all the benefits. In some way, it took the role of our mother and we were contented. We felt attached to our abductor, despite the communication barrier.

Every day, we saw many aliens pass by to watch us as if we were some form of attraction. They would stare, smile and leave after that, sometimes taking some of my cell mates along with them. They tried to resist, but were no match for their brute strength. Most of the time, they never made it back again.

Within a short time, my siblings were taken away as well. I was depressed and afraid. We were getting fewer as the day went by, and the fates of my other cell mates were still unknown.

Young and under pressure

And then, the day I dreaded most arrived. A long-haired alien had tapped on my cage door and smiled at me. I flinched as I hit the back end of my cell. I had nowhere to run, I wanted to escape. Out of desperation, I kept on screaming to the giant hand, but resistance was futile.

I struggled to squirm out of the alien’s grasp, but I couldn’t. They had tied my neck with a chain and held on to the other end. There was no escape. I tried to run. But the grip was too firm.

I saw the long-haired alien hand over some paper to my caretaker, just like what I had observed every time one of us would be taken away. I was scared. I don’t know what would happen next.

The long-haired alien fed me to a giant cubic monster with holes punched in it. Weird though, it seemed like it had a tough exterior, but its insides were soft, as a matter of fact, it felt comfortable. Luckily it didn’t digest me. I sat there for a while until the alien took me out again.

This new abductor led me to a room, but it was different. It was not like the old place where I had lived before. The place was clean and it had a pleasant smell.

It gave me a bed—a basket with an old blanket to soften it up. What made things weirder was that this alien kept talking, and hugging me. It felt warm and cozy, but I still don’t have an idea what was really going on.

Just like my previous kidnapper, it would also give me food and water daily. It gave me all the attention I could ever want. Its treatment to me was actually better. The alien also accompanied me whenever I felt like walking outside, and with it was the first time I got to explore the wonders of the world.

'Steak'-ing its claim to dining excellence

This was a blessing in disguise. I would never have guessed that being abducted would be a good thing. This alien actually cared for me. J. D. G. Leones


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