AT LEAST once a year, the University turns into the lost city of Atlantis. Since the area is below sea level, even the slightest, showers could cause flooding in the area.

When this happens, students have no other choice but to spend the night on campus. Over night, the University becomes shelter to some 30,000 Thomasians.

If you do not want such fate, keep your ears glued to the latest report of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical and Scientific Agency (Pagasa), and enjoy the coziness of your home and the comfort of your bed. But do not count on it all the time, as we all know how unpredictable the weather can be.

It is best to be ready all the time. Never brave the odds if you are not armed for the battle against the rain.

1. Always take an umbrella along with you.

You will never know when the rain would fall. The sun may be shining one moment but the next moment, you find it obscured by rain clouds. It is best to be ready all the time.

There are, nowadays, umbrellas that are so sleek, they may even fit in the smallest shoulder bags.

Remember the saying, “Rain showers prefer to rain on those who do not carry umbrellas.”

2. Bring a jacket, if necessary.

Sometimes an umbrella is not enough. It may not do in a rainy and windy day. Umbrellas perform poorly in windy conditions. They end up broken.

A jacket clings to your body, saving you the effort of carrying a hefty umbrella. More importantly, it cannot be blown away.

Pag-aalis ng Filipino sa Kurikulum ng kolehiyo tinutulan

3. Wear outfits appropriate for the weather.

Cotton is out of fashion this season. Those who insist on wearing it will have to end their day in misery. Cotton does not dry fast but instead, restrains wetness on the skin.

Save yourself the laundry by keeping yourself from wearing pants. Bare legs are a better option. Rain will roll off your skin just as it will roll off your pants. Or better yet, bring extra clothes with you. These will save you from the chill.

By wearing bright-colored or reflective clothes, you will help lessen the possibility of accidents. Drivers will see you cross the streets despite the slim visibility.

4. Put on the proper footwear.

Walking with dry feet makes a difference in comfort. In times like these, wearing waterproof shoes or boots is advisable. If you think socks help in keeping your feet dry, think again. They hold the sweat next to the skin, leaving the skin prone to blisters.

The rain could be an opportunity to rest. When it rains, read a good book, contemplate, and be with the family. It is not often that we get such opportunity in this fast-paced world.


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