My beloved, it has come to this.

Though it is fortunate

that our paths crossed

and we let time

flow with our existence,

a different future beckons.

Even the expectations

of whatever it may be

serve no justification

for listless arms

to stay tethered

With reluctance , I say farewell.

Because like winter

that gives way to spring,

the threads of our tapestry

stopped to unravel

and my trade winds

now blow away

From your shores.

We are over.

I am free

but encumbered.

You are furious

but listless.

Still, the pendulum

will indefinitely swing

amid recurring contentiousness.

But like fleeting passion

or a nameless hero,

everything will be forgotten.


If, for a moment

we stare into the same sky,

look into the pale moon

and everything

comes back —

the misty mornings,

windy afternoons,

and colorful fireworks —

without uttering

the nagging bitterness

on our former glory,

then it is enough, my beloved

We met.

Although we are now someone else,

our words made us alive.

For that, I am blessed.

Urban vanity


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