To travel and write is ‘twice a blessing,’ author says in book launch


AN author from the UST Publishing House (USTPH) highlighted the importance of travel and writing during the launching of her book, “Kissing Through a Handkerchief and Other Travel Tales,” last Feb. 18 in Makati.

Alice Sun-Cua said travel experiences were worth reminiscing in essay form.

“To travel is always a blessing—to open oneself to new places, experiences, and people. But to travel and write about these is twice a blessing,” Sun-Cua said.

Sun-Cua said writing about “the events, the conversations and the surprises in tranquility” makes one a more fulfilled traveller.

“[W]here did you go? [W]hat did you do? After each journey, these often-asked questions are always answered with delight–much laughter, the reminiscing doubling joy because shared,” she said.

Writing about one’s travel experiences is not only recording one’s life but also a way of delighting readers, she said.

Sun-Cua’s book is a collection of essays and “contemplative accounts” of her travels to different countries, such as Spain and Germany.

The work is a companion piece to her book “Autumn in Madrid and Other Tales,” published by USTPH in 2013.

Sun-Cua is a recipient of the National Book Award for Travel in 2000, for her “Riding Towards the Sunrise


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