‘Feminism requires action by educating everyone about women’


A THOMASIAN philosophy professor said feminism should go beyond theory and require action by educating everyone about women.

“If you really want to work on feminism, it’s not enough that you do theories about feminism. It’s about teaching other people about it as well so that these theories can come into play. There has to be some actions involved,” said Marella Ada Bolaños in a forum on the philosophy of sexual orientation and gender identity last April 10 at the Central Laboratory.

Bolaños, who teaches philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, explained the “complicated role” and “issues” of women that must first be understood before feminism could come into play.

“We have freed them (women) but, at the same time, they remain in chains doon sa mga traditional roles na ibinigay natin sa kanila. Women are allowed to take on a career, but are still judged if they are not able to fulfill their traditional roles,” she said.

Bolaños lambasted those who join protests for feminism but “do not understand what they are protesting about,” as well as those who blindly write about it on social media.

“Makikita niyo doon na nagsha-share o nagpo-post kayo ng kung ano-ano about feminism pero sa totoo lang, hindi niyo naman talaga naiintindihan,” she said.

The event was hosted by the UST Concilium Philosophiae, as part of the University’s celebration of the Philosophy month.



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